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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ki le w ap pale nan nimewo, tankou sis, uit e dis ki le te swiv bay goud e dola; are the final letters on these numbers still written out even though they are not pronounced? Also, could you correct my Kreyol sentence above, so I know what is wrong.

Normally I say  si dola ($6), ui dola ($8), and di dola ($10); and a lot of Haitians do too. That's what I'm used to.  But, some people say karannsis dola ($46), uit dola ($8), or swasanndis dola ($70).

If you do not pronounce the last letter, then you do not write it, but if you do say the last letter, then you should write it.
For example, some people might say:
M peye di dola pou yon hot dog.
others might say.
Hot dog la koute m dis dola.

"Ki le w ap pale nan nimewo, tankou sis, uit e dis ki le te swiv bay goud e dola"
a little correction to your sentence:
"E lè w ap pale osijè nimewo, tankou sis, uit e dis ki swiv goud e dola, ..."
"How about when you're talking about numbers that follow gourdes and dollars, ...'

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  1. This is why I love Kreyol, in a lot of respects (not all) its very simplistic
    and streamlined. I would never have guessed that you would "drop"
    unpronounced letters like that! It makes a lot of sense though. I
    have learned NOT to pronounce the end letters of these numbers
    when followed by "goud or dola". Anyway, you are the cat's meow
    on this beautiful website. Mesi anpil.