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Sunday, January 13, 2013

look up / look down / look to someone for help (in Creole)

look up
Gade anwo or Gade anlè
1.  Mwen gade anlè, e m te wè nwaj nwa te bouche tout syèl la.
    I looked up, and I saw that dark clouds had covered the whole sky.

look down (to keep eyes down)
Gade atè or Gade anba
2. Lè jij la t'ap bay madanm nan santans li, li te ret gade atè sèlman.  Li pa't gade okenn moun nan tribinal la.
   When the judge was sentencing her, she kept her eyes down.  She didn't look at anyone in the courtroom.

look down on (to have a view of, to overlook)
bay sou
3. Kay Ayiti a bay sou tout lanmè ble a.  Ou kapab solèy la ap leve chak maten. Se pa ti bèl.
    The house in Haiti overlooks the blue ocean. You can see the sun rising every morning.  It' beautiful.

look to (to rely, to count on)
Gade sou
4. Tou moun ap gade sou ou.  Pa fè nou wont.
    Everyone is relying on you.  Don't let us down.

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