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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Premye so pa so - What is 'so'?

"Premye so pa so" is a proverb that says the first fall is no fall.
It means that Don't give up, keep trying.

So (n.) a bucket, a vessel, a pail
Li plen so a dlo.
He filled the bucket with water

So (n.) → a fall
Li pran yon so.
He took a fall.
He fell.

So (n.) → a seal
Bondye mete so l sou mwen.
God has put his seal on me.
God has chosen me.

Li mete so ofisyèl li a sou anvlòp la anvan l poste l.
He put his official seal on the envelop before mailing it.

So (n.) → a jump, a leap
L'ap pratike so wotè a pou jwèt olenpik la.
He's practicing the long jump for the olympic games.

So (adj.) → idiotic, stupid (You'll most likely hear Haitians use "so" to mean dumb or stupid in this French idiom:
Pa gen so metye.
There are no dumb careers. (lit.)

and then, there is SÒ, with the accent, which means FATE or SISTER FRIEND

sò → Fate, destiny, circumstance
M'ap plenyen sò mwen bay Bondye.
I'm protesting my circumstances to God (lit.)
I'm complaining to God about my misfortune.

sò → sister, comrade, companion, buddy (female)
Sò mwen, poukisa ou sanble kagou konsa?
My friend, why do you look so worn out?

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  1. I actually had heard someone say -li te pran en bel so- which actually means HE TOOK A HARD FALL. interestingly enough the creole sentence says -He took a BEAUTIFUL fall :)

    1. Lol! gotta love creol. there's this creol expression with the word "so". It says PI WO PRAN PI GWO SO. it means the higher you go the harder you fall.