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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Ki vle di ou pap prale legliz." What does 'ki vle di' translate in english?

Ki vle di ...which means, does this means, this means, or so (depending on context)

It is 9:45 AM on Sunday.  Church starts at 10:00 AM. Joey and his mom are usually in the car on their way to church by that time. But this morning, when mom opens the door to Joey's room, she finds him immersed in his video games.  She says to him:  Ki vle di, ou pa pral legliz? or Ki fè la, ou pa pral legliz?

In that context it means:  So, you're not going to church?

But if I were to say:
Li pa't reponn ankenn nan lèt ou yo, ki vle di li poko pare pou l pale avè w.
She didn't reply to any of your letter, which means that she's not ready to talk to you.

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