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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What does 'distans' mean? I have heard my mom say something like this, "Distans m rive nan kabann an, w'ap pase lwil nan do mwen avan m kouche." Are there other ways of expressing this?

Se ou'k pral bay manman'w bèl masay lwil sa a?  Nanpwen bagay fè moun dòmi byen konsa!

Anyway, the first part and the second part of the sentence doesn't seem to match or work together that well.
Distans, here, should mean "by the time" see link

Maybe I'm reading it wrong. This arrangement does not make sense to me.  Maybe you can help me understand it :)
"Distans m rive nan kabann an, w'ap pase lwil nan do mwen avan m kouche."
"By the time I get to bed, you'll rub my back with some oil before I lay down"????

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  1. Wi e mèsi! Se mwen menm ki bay manman'm masay la pwèske ckak swa. In regard to the sentence, yes I figured I said wrote it wrong and didn't make sense because I was thrown off by 'distans'. I was not sure where to put it in the sentence.

    1. Ala manman w gen chans! Ou kwè l'a kite w marye?