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Monday, January 21, 2013

When I use "anyen" as in "nothing scares me" should I say ANYEN FE M PE or ANYEN PA FE M PE. mesi.

Yeap, the negative indicator "pa" belongs in there.
Anyennothing, not anything

1. Nothing scares me.
    Anyen pa fè m pè.

2. Nothing surprises me.
    Anyen pa fè m sezi.

3. Anyen pa't prepare nou pou sa nou te wè jou sa a.
   Nothing had prepared us for what we saw that day.

4. Pa kite anyen detounen w nan wout ou.
    Don't let anything disrupt you on your way.

5. Ou pa bezwen pè, mwen pa'p kite anyen rive w.
     Don't be afraid, I won't let anything happen to you.

5. Pou ou mwen pa anyen.  Men pou Bondye mwen se tout bagay.
    To you I'm nothing.  To God I'm everything.

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  1. Tense is the hardest thing for me in Creole.

    Above you wrote:

    "Anyen pa't prepare nou pou sa nou te wè jou sa a."

    Is the sentence still sensible without the second "te," as in:

    ""Anyen pa't prepare nou pou sa nou wè jou sa a.""

    1. Oh yes definitely. Actually many Haitians might say that sentence without the second "te".

  2. C'est une belle site ici! Je veux apprendre le Kreyol haitien. J'ai trouve votre site sur Google et j'aime beaucoup. Merci pour votre travail!