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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Benyen ak san" does this mean "bathe with blood"

Oh my!  It could very well be.
But, in case it's not, let me give you another use for the word benyen, other than to shower:

benyen (v.)→ to be immersed in, to be covered in, to be saturated with

1. Mesye te antre nan estasyon lapolis la benyen ak san.
    He came into the police station covered in blood.

2. Jou desas sa a, anpil moun te rantre lakay yo benyen ak sann.
    On the day of that disaster many people went home covered in soot.

3. Tout kò fanm nan te benyen ak maling k'ap fè pi.  Menm doktè yo te pè touche l.
    The woman's body was covered in oozing sores.  Even the doctors were afraid of touching her.

4. Lè w ap fè wout provens Ayiti, distans pou rive nan destinasyon w, tou cheve w, tout plim je w, tout figi w va benyen ak pousyè.
    When you traveling the countryside road of Haiti, by the time you get to your destination, your hair, your eyelashes and your face will be covered in dust.

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