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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming from .... Going to ... (in Haitian Creole)

How does one translate these sentences? "Kevin takes a flight coming from Cleveland." and "LeBron takes a flight going to Miami." How is 'going to' and 'coming from' translated as prepositional expressions and in this context?

coming from or from → soti, soti nan, soti depi, sot depi
Coming from (be born at, originate from, belonging to, produced from)

going to → ale, ale nan, ale nan direksyon, rive, rive jouk

1. Mwen soti nan gran fanmi.
    I come from a large family.

2. Bannann sa yo soti Costa Rica.
    These plantains were grown in Costa Rica.
    These plantains come from Costa Rica.

3. Mwen soti Ayiti, men vrè orijin mwen se Lafrik Ginen.
    I come from Haiti, but my true origin is Guinea Africa

4. Soti nan ri DESSALINES ale nan ri TOUSSAINT, sa fè dizuit kilomèt.  Eske w ka mache distans sa a?
    From Dessalines Street to Toussaint Street, that's 18 kilometers.  Can you walk that far?

5.  Mwen te wè nan nouvèl maten an, yon ti gason 9 ane te kondi machin papa li soti depi New Jersey ale Connecticut.  Annarivan Connecticut lapolis te met lapat sou ni ti gason an ni papa l.
     I saw on the news this morning a 9 year old boy drove his father's car from New Jersey to Connecticut.  As they arrived in Connecticut, the police apprehended both the boy and his father.

6.  Mwen kapap resite bib la pakè soti depi Jenèz rive nan liv Apokalips.
     I could recite the bible by heart from Genesis to the book of Revelation.

7.  Ou te mèt kriye depi maten rive jouk aswè, m p'ap okipe w.
     You may cry from morning till night, I 'll ignore you.

8.   Lebron pran yon vòl k'ap soti Cleveland.
      Lebron takes a flight coming from Cleveland.
9.  Kevin pran yon vòl k'ap fè wout Miami.
     Kevin pran yon vòl ki prale nan direksyon Miami.
     Kevin takes a flight going to Miami. (a flight that's going to Miami?)

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  1. This is great! So, 'nan dirèksyon' is translated 'to'? Can 'nan destinasyon', 'nan wout', 'sou chemen', 'vè', and 'pou' be used as well for 'to'? For example, using one the examples provided above, " Kevin pran yon vòl ki prale nan direksyon(nan destinasyon, nan wout, sou chemen, vè, pou) Miami." Another thing, would 'departing to(for)', 'bound for' yield those same expressions given above? "There is a plane departing to(for) or bound for Paris."
    Besides the ones given above for 'coming from' Can I use 'nan pwovnans' for 'from'? For example, "Lebron pran yon vòl k'ap soti(soti nan pwovnans) Cleveland. Could 'arriving from' yield the sames expressions above as 'coming from'? "He took a flight arriving from New York."

    1. Why not? I guess you could.

      Kenbe la.