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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What are the some Creole words for 'dizzy' other than TOUDI? "I feel very dizzy after all that spinning around."

dizzy (woozy) → toudi, gen vètij, gen tèt vire, soule, dekonstonbre

1. Mwen ta konseye pa kondi machin premye fwa w pran remèd sa a.  Li ka byen soule w.
    I would advise you not to drive the first time you take this medicine.  It might make you woozy.

2. "I feel very dizzy after all that spinning around."
     "Tout vire tounen sa a toudi m anpil."

3. This makes me dizzy.
    Sa BAN M tèt vire.

4.  Does this make you dizzy?
     Eske sa BA W tèt vire?

5.  Zafè maryaj montay ris sa a ban m vètij.
     This roller coaster marriage makes me dizzy.

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