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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hi Mandaly, I was wondering if you could recommend any specific novels written in Hatian Creole, but not anything at an advanced reading level. Thanks for all the work you've done on your blog, I really have learned a lot. -Julia

Bonswa Julia :)
Mèsi.  I'm glad you're learning a lot.

Have you read Maude Heurtelou's Lafanmi Bonplezi, Sezisman!, or Her Creole adaptation of Jacques Roumain's Gouverneurs de La Rosée, Fòs Lawouze?  Also I found Emile Celestin-Megie's fiction AGASYA (about a young Haitian woman who, while doing research on the vodou religion, gets enthralled into a vodou sect) interesting. In these books, I would say, the Creole is of an intermediate level.

And if you're in Haiti, visit the Presses Nationales d'Haiti so you can browse their Creole novels.  A friend of mine just brought me some books from there (Which were recommended by another friend).  I hear they are very helpful.  If they do not carry a book that you're looking for, they'll will notify you when the book is available.

Also, look into these novels that I just finished reading:  Enpi Oun Jou Konsa Tèt Pastè Bab Pati, and Rete, Kote Lamèsi.  These last two are just so very addictive! So good!   Browse through the first few pages (if you can) to see if the Creole is challenging at all.  They are available at Presses Nationales d'Haiti.   I'm not sure how they fare with mail orders.   You can always contact them via the book store phone number on their website.

Bòn chans!  M espere ou va jwenn yon bon woman (novel).

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