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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

gade yon ..., gade yon tenten. Are there more expressions like these, that is to say, expressions that similar in form and in meaning.

Yes.  I think it's the same as saying "What the hell!", isn't it?
Gade yon tenten!
Gade de betiz!
Gade de salopri!
Gade yon zen!
Gade yon tèt chaje!

or almost similar expressions:
Look what I've gotten myself into.
Gade yon kwòk m'al mete nan kou m.
Gade nan kisa 'm pran.
Gade nan ki nich gèp ma'l foure pye'm.

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  1. Greetings dear sister! I hope you're well.
    I am looking for love poems in creole. I thought of you because you're so resourceful. It's okay too if you don't have any. Thanks in advance. May God bless you richly.