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Friday, February 8, 2013

In "M ka di ou ke sa a vande gran.", what translates the second "a" in "sa a". By the way, is this sentence correct? Mesi anpil.

The "a" is a definite article. It automatically comes with "sa a" meaning this, that, this one, that one see link.

And, do you mean to sell, or to cost when you say "vande"?

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  1. Madanm Mandaly,

    No, I was trying to refer to "a seller". Then I take it that this is not right? In other words, "this seller is great".


    1. oh I see. In this case, don't forget the aksan fòs on the "e" in "vandè".

      And also, instead of "sa a vandè", you would say "vandè sa a"

      So your sentence will be as such:
      "M ka di ou ke vandè sa a gran."
      instead of:
      "M ka di ou ke sa a vande gran."

      and one last thing, if you want to say that the seller is very good at what he does, "gran" is correct, but "anfòm" or "fantastik" will sound better in H. Creole.

      So finally, the sentence might read:
      "M ka di ou ke vandè sa a anfòm."

  2. After going to your link, I now understand better about "sa a".

    Mesi anpil