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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kale m lajan m sou de chèz??

This is like two expressions made into one:
Sou de chèz is an expression which means completely, thoroughly, satisfactorily
M te bay yon avoka regle yon ka pou mwen.  Li ban m sa sou de chèz.
I had a lawyer take care of a case for me.  He did an awesome job.

And then... there's the expression with "KALE" which pretty much the same sa FOUT, FWENK, BAY, FLANKE they translate the verb TO GIVE.
Give me my freakin money!
Kale m lajan m.!
Flanke m lajan m!
Fwenk mwen lajan m!
Fout mwen lajan m!
Ban m lajan m fout!

Kale m lajan m sou de chèz!
is pretty much the same as
Ban mwen lajan m san tèt chaje tanpri!
or if you prefer to say it in English :)
Give me my money without stressing me out.

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