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Saturday, February 16, 2013

M pase pa m??? (in English)

Pase pa → to go through hard time, to go through tough times (Sometimes, e also say "pase kont")

1.  Mwen te pase pa m.
     I went through some hard times.

2.  M te abite ak fanmi matant mwen pandan m te kolèj. Moun sa yo fè m pase pa'm.
     I lived with my aunt's family while I was going to college.  These people gave me a hard time.

3. M'ap pran yon kou esapnyòl nan inivèsite a.  Se pa'm m'ap pase ak pwofesè a, tank li malouk!
    I'm taking a Spanish course at the university.  I'm having a hard time with the professor, he so mean!

4. Lè papa m te vwayaje nan peyi Etazini nan ane swasant (60) yo, te gen anpil prejije nan peyi a.  Yo te fè l pase pa'l anvan l te resi jwenn yon bon ti travay.
   When my dad came to the US in the sixties, there were a lot of discrimination.  They gave me a hard time before he could find a decent job. 

so, you'll say:
mwen pase pa'm (I went through tough times)
ou pase pa'w (You went through tough times)
li pase pa'l (He / She went through tough times)
nou pase pa'n (We went through tough times) 
yo pase pa yo. (They went through tough times)

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