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Saturday, February 16, 2013

What "an" here: an sòtan and an patan, sometimes with a pronoun; an sotan m.

It kind of means while or during here.

1. Ansòtan or An sòtan ....
    While exiting ....

2. Ansòtan m ...
    During my exit
    While I was exiting ....

3.  Ansòtan yo, paparazzi yo te branche kamera yo sou yo.
     As they were getting out, the paparazzi had aimed the cameras at them.

4. an arivan m, annarivan m...
    At my arrival ...., during my arrival

5. An arivan m nan sal ijans lopital la, enfimyè yo te ofri m yon chèz woulant.
    As I was entering the hospital's emegency room, the nurses offered me a wheel chair.

6. An patan nou konsa, machin nan te pran pàn.
    While we were leaving, the car broke down.

    Anpatan (an patan) → as we started to leave, from the beginning, from the get go

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