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Monday, February 18, 2013

What is plètil?

Plètil, lètil, ètil or latil is an interjection that Haitians say when they're answering to someone calling them.
It means YES? (What do you want of me?)
Sometimes people (especially the ones from the countryside) will add WI! after Plètil

Rachel's mom:   Rachel!!  (Rachel!!!)
Rachel:              Plètil?! (Yes?!)
Rachel's mom:   Antre anndan.  Manje a pare! (Come inside please. Dinner is ready!)

From the example above, Rachel could have also answered Plètil manman?! (Yes mom?!) or Plètil wi?! (yes?)

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  1. Oh, thank you thank you thank you! I've heard this for a long time and knew what it meant and how to use it but could never figure out how it's written!

  2. Can you just say "Wi" or does that not make sense in Creole?
    MOM: Rachel!!
    Rachel: Wi?!