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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"M granmoun, m gen dwa plezire tet an mwen nenpot le lide m di m" (tèt an mwen? Wha't "AN"?) and (lide m di m? my idea says or tells?)

tèt an mwen (the northern way of saying tèt mwen) → lit. my head.  In this sentence it means myself.

lè lide m di m is an expression for whenever I want, as I please
lè lide l di l → whenever he wants, as he please
lè lide w di w → whenever you want, as you please

another expression that expresses almost the same thing is:
jan mwen vle (jan m vle) → however I want
jan li vle (jan l vle) → however he wants
jan ou vle (jan w vle) → however you want

1.  Ou granmoun, ou gen dwa antre soti lè lide w di w.
     You're an adult, you may come and go as you please.

2. Paran m pa la.  Yo nan vakans.  Donk m gen dwa antre lakay lè lide m di m.
    My parents are not home.  They're on vacation.  So I may go home whenever I please.

3. Lajan an se pa w.  Ou mèt depanse l jan w vle.
    The money's yours.  You may spend whichever way you please.

2. Nou se moun lib.  Nou gen dwa soti abiye jan n vle, pou n ale kote n vle, lè lide n di n.
    We are free.  We have the right to go out dressed however we want, to go wherever we want as we please.

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