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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mak 14:51 " Te gen yon jenn gason ki t'ap swiv Jezi; li te gen yon dra ase sou li. Yo mete men sou msye." Can you translate above into English, and explain in detail for 'ase, and 'msye' please. Kamsa hamnida

Dakò :)

msye (without the "i") or misye , not only means man, sir, or Mister, but it also translates the third person pronoun, "he", "him", "his"....   And also translates the guy, the man. ...
1. Misye malad.
    He is sick.

2. M pa wè Max depi kèk tan.  Kote msye?
    I haven't seen Max in a while.  Where is he?

3. Poukisa w'ap mande m sa?  Mwen pa wè msye nonplis.
   Why are you asking me?  I haven't seen the guy either.

4. Yo "mete men sou" msye.  
      Where "mete men sou" means to touch, or capture, apprehend, grab depending on context 
     They "captured" him.

ase → enough.  It also means only,  just,  only just,  solely
4. Mwen gen twa dola ase.
    I have just three dollars.
    I have only three dollars.

5. Depi yo te mete men sou msye, li te di de(2) mo ase.
    Since they captured him, he only said two words.

See more examples in the linked post about ASE as ONLY or JUST.  The section is highlighted.

SO the translation for your sentence  in English will be:

Te gen yon jenn gason ki t'ap swiv Jezi; li te gen yon dra ase sou li. Yo mete men sou msye.
There was a young man who was following Jesus; he had only a sheet on him.  They grabbed him.

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