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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What are words for 'jinx'(nouns and verbs)? "..... ." and "He is trying to jinx me so I can't succeed."

a jinx → yon giyon, yon pichon, yon madichon
to jinx → mete bouch sou, limen bouji dèyè, mare

"He is trying to jinx me so I can't succeed."
"L'ap mare m dekwa pou m pa reyisi."

It's raining cats and dogs.  The guests can't make it to the nuptials.  This wedding must have been jinxed.
Lapli a ap fè raj deyò a.  Envite yo p'ap ka vini nan seremoni maryaj la. Yo dwe te limen bouji dèyè nòs la.  

The team scored a goal at the soccer championship match, breaking the jinx against the country.
Ekip la te fè yon gòl nan konpetisyon chanpyona foutbòl la, yo te retire giyon ki te sou tèt peyi a.

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  1. Alo Mandaly,

    In the above sentence "Lapli a ap fe raj deyo a.", is the
    "a ap" pronounced as liaison? Also, another question.
    Is the sentence "Jason gason an gran." correct? Jason
    is my grandson.

    Mesi anpil.

    1. Bonjou :)

      The "liaison" will be between "lapli" and "a".
      The sound between "a" and "ap" is detached

      Jason gason an gran.
      sounds more like
      Jason, the boy, is old (growing or has grown)

      Jason is my grandson.
      will be translated as:
      Jason se pitit pitit gason mwen.

      pitit pitit → grandchild
      pitit pitit gason → grandson
      pitit pitit fi → grandaughter

    2. Mandaly,

      I am sorry, but when I said "Jason gason an gran.", that is what I meant.
      I was only adding that he is my grandson. But your response cleared up
      a lot of fog concerning grandchildren. As always, you are the best!

      Bondye Beni

    3. Thanks for clarifying that. I misunderstood.
      You've got it right.

      Kontinye kenbe la :)

  2. Can 'yon pwas', yon skoumoun', 'yon gi(n)y', yon (movè) sò, yon malekdiksyon' also mean 'a jinx'?

    Can 'pòte malè (pwas, malekdisyon, skoumoun, malchans) sou', 'pòte pwas sou', pòte malekdiksyon sou, jete giyon(pichon, madichon) sou also mean 'to jinx'?

    What about the opposite? What are some of the words(nouns and verbs)? I think I know of one 'pòte bonè' to mean 'to bring good luck to somebody'.

    1. Well, they all do.
      I am not familiar with "skoumoun" being used in Haiti (at least, not where I'm from). Maybe other Haitians, elsewhere in Haiti, use it.

      And yes, Yon bagay ki...
      pote malè
      pote malediksyon
      pote malchans
      ki se yon giyon
      elat....., byen yon bagay ki modi, ... ki pote madichon.

      As far as the opposite, are we talking about amulets and other artifacts that Haitans wear for good luck?
      Haitians would say:
      "twa paman"
      "yon bagay ki gen pwen"
      "Yon bagay ki gen cham"

      as in
      Yon chemizèt twa paman
      a shirt equipped with lucky charms, usually for protection or good luck

      Yon chemiz monte
      a shirt that's arranged to either bring some luck or protection to the person wearing it.

      L'al pran egzamen ak bag la nan dwèt li paske bag la gen yon pwen ladan l.