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Thursday, March 28, 2013

m ka toujou lonje yo bay mandyan yo nan lari a. (Can you explain 'lonje' here ?) kamsa hamnida

lonjeto stretch out, to extend, to hold out (one's hand or arms), to offer,  to give
In many instances, the verb LONJE will be accompanied with BAY, BAN, or BA

1. Li te lonje men l ban mwen.
    He held out his arms to me.

You'll hear a lot of Haitians say this in their prayers.
2. Senyè! tanpri lonje men ban nou.
    Lord! please extend a hand to us.
    Lord! please help us.

    Senyè! lonje men ba yo.
    Lord extend a hand to them.
    Lord, help them.

    Senyè lonje men w ban mwen.
    Lord extend your hand to me.
    Lord, help me.

3. Mwen te lonje lajan an bay machann nan.
    I held out the money to the merchant.
    I gave the money to the merchant.

4.  Lonje liv la ban mwen.
      Hand me the book.

5. Li te lonje bebe a bay papa l.
    She handed the baby to his father.

6. Lè li te lonje chèk la ban mwen, m remake men l t'ap tranble.
    When he handed me the check, I noticed his hands were trembling.

7.  Fanm nan sou kès la te lonje kafe a ban mwen ak mepri.  Petèt se akoz fason mwen te abiye a.
     The woman at the cashier handed me the coffee with disdain.  Maybe it was because of the way I was dressed.

8. Lonje dwèt (expression)
    Stretch out your finger
    To point.

9. Pa lonje dwèt ou sou mwen.
    Do not point your finger at me!

AND.... LONJE  also me to lie down, to stretch your body on
Notice how the pronoun that immediately follow after "" indicates who's lying down.

10.  Mwen pral lonje kò m sou kabann nan.
     I'm going to lie down on the bed.

11.  Pitit fi mwen te pè yèswa, li te vin lonje kò l bò kote m.
     My daughter was scared last night, she came to lie down next to me.

12.  Vin lonje kò w bò kote m.
       Come lie down next to me.

13. Apre vwayaj la nou te tèlman fatige, depi n te lonje kò n sou nat la, dòmi te pran n.
      After the trip we were so tired, we fell asleep as soon as we lay down on the straw may.

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  1. Kamsa hamnida.
    I'd like to express my appreciation for your good work. Are you doing this in the US or Port
    au Prince ? Leave your phone number please.

    1. Mèsi.
      I am in the US (at this time).
      I can email you my number, but SKYPE works best for communication for me.
      My skype name is MrsMandaly.