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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Te gen anpil nan disip li yo ki te sanble la ak yon gwo mas pèp. ( Can you explain further for 'sanble' here ?) kamsa hamnida)

 Dakò :)

Sanble can translate to look alike or to appear, or to congregate, to come together, to bunch up
Here, in this sentence, sanble (or rasanble) seems means to come together
Depending on the context, it can also mean to look like

Te gen anpil     |nan | disip li yo   |  ki     | te sanble  |   la     | ak   | yon gwo mas | pèp.
There were many      | in     | his disciples       | which | assembled      | there    | with  |  a big crowd          | people
There were many of his disciples which had come together with a crowd of people.
Many of his disciples gathered with a crowd of people.

Sanble as to look alike.

1. Ou sanble ak papa w.
    You look like your dad.

2. Yo di m sanble anpil ak manman m.
     They say I look a lot like my mom.

3.  Eske se sè yo ye?  Yo sanble.
     Are they sisters?  They look alike.

4.  Yo sanble tèt koupe.
      They look very much alike.
5. Li sanble tèt koupe avè w.
    She is the spitting image of you.

Sanble as to appear, to have the impression

6. Sanble ou fache avè m.
    Ou sanble fache avè m.
    It seems that you're mad at me.

7.  Sanble lapli pral tonbe.
     It seems that it'll rain.
     It looks like it's going to rain.

8.  Sanble Mireille panse ou damou pou li.
     Mireille seems to think that you're in love with her.

9. Sanble Rita ansent.
    It seems that Rita's pregnant.
    Rita looks like she's pregnant.

Sanble as to come together, to assemble
We also say RASANBLE

10.  Gen yon bann moun ki sanble nan lari a.  M'ap mande m sa y'ap regle.
       There's a bunch of people gathered in the street.  I wonder what they're up to.

11. Poukisa tout moun sa yo sanble sou do kay la? M'ap mande m sa'k genyen.
      Why are all these people gathered up on the roof? I wonder what's going on?

12. Mwen te mete yon sirèt sou tab la, e detwa minit apre yon bann fonmi te sanble bò kote l.
     I put a candy on the table an two or three minutes later a bunch of ants had gathered around it.

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