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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what does "to spit three times" mean?

As in someone says  m krache twa fwa (I spit three times)?
It's an expression that means you have sworn off "something", you will abstain from doing "something".
I'm not sure whether people do the action of spiting three times - I have not met anyone that have actually done that.

Here's an example:
1. Lavi New York te tèlman rèd pou mwen, apre m te kite l, m te krache twa fwa m p'ap janm met pye m la ankò.
     Life in New York was so tough for me, after I left, I swore I'd never set foot there again.

2. Apre divòs la, Bènadèt te krache twa fwa, li te di l "M p'ap janm marye ankò!"
    After the divorce, Bernadette swore, she said, "I'll never get married again!"

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