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Sunday, March 3, 2013

What is chemet chemetres?

chèmèt chèmètrès (or chè mèt chè mètrès)
Think of French cher maître, chère maîtresse → dear master, dear mistress (if that helps)
In H. Creole it means sole proprietor of, owner, master, landlord

1.  Mwen se chèmèt chèmètrès kay la.  Mwen gen dwa fè sa m vle avè l.
     I am the owner of the house.  I can do whatever I want with it.

2.  Lè papa Tijan mouri, tout Kòporasyon an va rele l chèmèt chèmètrès.  
     When Tijan's father dies the whole Corporation will be his.

3. Machin mwen rele m chèmèt chèmètrès. Se sèl mwen ki ka deside si pou m vann ni ou pa.
    The car is mine.  Only I can decide if I should sell it or not.
4. Nan lane 1803, peyi Etazini te vin chèmèt chèmètrès teritwa Lwizyàn nan.  Lafrans pa't gen kontwòl sou pòsyon tè sa a ankò.
    In the year 1803, the United States became the owner of the Louisiana territory.  France no longer had control over this portion of land.

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