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Friday, March 15, 2013

What's a typical Haitian meal (breakfast, dinner, or supper). I'm only familiar with the rice and beans, griot, and plantain that my girlfriend makes. I'd like to try more.

Have you told your girlfriend that you want to try more?
A Haitian cookbook will probably help both of you.  See if she'd like to get one.
In the meantime, here are some typical meals, maybe you both can find the recipes online and try some:

Typical breakfast:
soup panad (breadsoup with bread, V8, watercress, herring sometimes)
ze ak pen (eggs sandwich with eggs and bread)
mayi mouli ak aransò (corn meal with herring)
vèmisèl (spaghetti)
soup joumou (squash soup)
avwàn (oatmeal)
chokola Ayisyen avèk pen (bread and cocoa)
kafe ak pen (coffee)
fruits (grapefruit, bananas, apricot)
and many more

Typical supper
labouyi (hot cereals, all kinds: plantain, rice, corn meal, corn flour, flour, oats)
and many more

Typical dinner
diri (rice, white or cooked with beans)
mayi (cornmeal, plain or cooked with beans)
sòs pwa (bean soup, usually to eat with rice)
vyann (meat, all kinds: chicken, beef, goats, fish, conch, crabs, ...)
bouyon (stew)
viv (vegetables, usually eaten with meat and sauces)
legim (legumes)
tyaka (corn and bean stew)
ragou (beef or goat stew)
taso (fried goat meat)
griyo (fried pork)
bannann peze (fried plantains)
fwa di (liver, usually with watercress and roots vegetables or plantains)
and many more

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