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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cocktail, muddler, stool, specialized counter (in usa they call it counter or simply bar) tell me how typicall haitian bar or rum shop looks like? Does it have some uniquness? I can imagine casual and care free atmosphere in such bar!!

Haitians say kòktèl for cocktails.
a stool will be translated as yon tabourè.
a muddler yon brasè kòktèl, yon ajitatè, yon espri bwouyon
counter kontwa, ba (people will mostly say ba a)

I think the atmosphere you're talking about would be that of a nayklib.... I haven't been to one (I wasn't allowed :)
And I am more familiar with a boutik kleren, more like in the countryside area, where the drink is sold straight from a small barrel.  The boutik almost always carry many other merchandises and household items.  People may buy the kleren a few ounces at a time if they wish. (I remember going to the store and asking for 10 Haitian cents worth).  The customer brings his own container sometimes. People use it for different purposes: drinks, recipes, medicines, for their kòk in cockfighting rinks, and esp. for making Kremas.  So the kleren may be sold plain or flavored with cherries, spanish lime, or red mombin.

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  1. So, is 'ba' the synonym for 'kontwa'? If yes, are there other words besides 'ba' and 'kontwa'? 'Ba' is a new one for me.

    1. Non, "ba" is not the synonym of "kontwa".

      In Haitian Creole, it could mean a bar (such as a nightclub for entertainment), it might mean a bar (a drinkery) in a restaurant, and it might mean a small bar next to your kitchen in your home.

      Other synonymes for ba (as in a bar, drinkery, pub) in Creole are bistwo, kafe, bivèt, kabarè

      Kontwa is a counter, a kitchen counter, a store counter, etc....

  2. how would you call some obscure, honky tonk bar or dive?

  3. Manda, do you know something about haitian cigars? Do they manufacture them like in Cuba and do you know some brand?
    I have only heard about haitian cigarette brand Komilfo...

    1. I know that they grow tobacco.
      I know that "Comme Il Faut" is manufactured in Haiti, but I don't know about the quality of this product.