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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ki jan ou ta di "I take pity on you" oubyen " you pitied me"? M'ap vle konnen tou ki jan ou di "mind your own business' oubyen "minding my own business"? Mesi anpil anpil!

This coming Sunday's audio post dialogue is titled "Mind your own business", so that should be helpful too :)

1.  I take pity on you. (I feel bad for you)
     Kè'm fè'm mal pou ou. (This one is most widely used)
     M gen pitye pou ou.
     M gen senpati pou ou.

But if you're asking for FAVOR / GRACE.  You'd say it differently:

2.  Have pity on me.
     Fè'm gras.
     Fè pa'm.
     Gen pitye pou mwen.

3.  I took pity on him.  So I forgave him.
     Kè'm te fè'm mal pou li, donk mwen te fè pa'l.
     Kè'm te fè'm mal pou li, donk mwen te padone'l.

Haitians very often say this in their prayers:
4. Senyè, fè pa'm non!
    Senyè, fè'm gras!
    Senyè, gen pitye pou mwen!
    Lord, have pity on me!

By the same token someone who's pitiless (heartless) is called san pitye, san kè
5. He's heartless.
    Li san pitye.
    Li san kè.

6. What heartless person!
     Ala moun san pitye!



7.  Mind your own business.
     Okipe zafè pa'w.
     Okipe pwòp zafè pa'w.

8.  I am minding my own business.
     M'ap okipe zafè pa'm

9. Stop meddling.
    Stop being nosy.
    Pa mele.
    Sispann  fè fouyapòt.
    Sispann fè jouda.

10. Stop meddling in what does not concern you.
    Sispann mele nan sa ki pa konsènen'w.

11. If you meddle in my business, whatever happens to you is your own fault.
      Si w mele nan zafè m, sa'w pran se pa'w.*

*12. Whatever happens to you, you deserve it.
        Sa'w pran se pa'w. (expression)
       (Literally: what you take is yours)

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