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Saturday, April 20, 2013

How do you get the concept of 'away' in phrases like 'walked away', 'ran away', or 'flew away'?

We look at these phrasal verbs as expressions or terms which in turn are expressed by its own term in H. Creole. We do not usually translate the verb and then the preposition or adverb that comes after it as if it were two different words.
Some examples:

to walk away → kite
to run away → sove
to fly away → vole ale
to look away → detounen figi
to get away → chape poul, sove, or chape
to throw away → jete
to lock away → fèmen, anfèmen
to stay away → rete lwen

and its the same with other prepositions:
to look after → gade, siveye, pran swen
to run into → kontre ak, kwaze ak
to call off → anile
to turn down → rejte, refize
to break in → kase

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