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Most requested translations added here for your convenience: I love you → Mwen renmen w. I miss you → Mwen sonje w. My love!Lanmou mwen!

Monday, April 15, 2013 watch from 1:00:08- 1:01:12 please can you write his speech as he said it on's only few sentences

Poor Aristide, he had all the right intentions, but none of the big shots that are pulling Haiti's strings wanted to back him up.  They had their own interests and Aristide didn't want to play along with them.

This is what he said:
"Nou mete fanm sou nou
Nou mete gason sou nou
Pou nou kapab konbat mizè a
Nou p’ap tolere ensekirite nan peyi a
Mwen vle, mwen deside pou tout Ayisyen viv anpè
Lè w nan plas piblik, fò w santi w alèz
 Fò w pa gen kè sote
Fòk zenglendo pa ka vin oze menase w
Peyi a se pou nou l ye
Peyi a se pou nou tout li ye
Ou pa ka deja nan mizè
Enpi pou kounye a, pou kriminèl konprann l’ap fè w viv avèk kè sote
Nou p’ap tolere sa."

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  1. Nou mete fanm sou nou
    Nou mete gason sou this some sort of idiom? like we worked hard
    what kè sote means?

    1. Mete fanm sou ou (or Met fanm sou ou) is an expression that means Be courageous, be brave.
      You say that to a woman.

      Mete gason sou ou (or Met gason sou ou is an expression that means Be courageous, be brave
      You say that to a man.

      Kè sote means fear, nervousness

  2. Tell me do you know what happened with Gwo Shiler, ringleader of group of thugs who attacked Titid and his parishioners in Saint John Bosco church?

    1. I never followed up with him. But like Jean Claude Duvalier, these thugs end up going into hiding for a few years in an island, living in expensive houses, only to come back to Haiti like if nothing had happened.

      What's worst, Haiti welcomes them with open arms. There is no justice in this country.