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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It seems that the word 'koze' has several meanings. Can you cover them? Thank you greatly! I just don't think I can thank you enough for this website!

Dakò.  Mèsi :)

Koze (as verb or noun) can mean talk, chat, story, matter, your own business, your own private affair, a situation, things, stuff, gossip, chatter

koze v. → to chat, to talk
1. Yè m te kwaze ak yon zanmi ke m pa't wè depi twazan.  Nou te rete koze lontan.
    Yesterday I met a friend which I haven't seen in three years.  We chatted for a long time.

koze → baloney, nonsense
2.  Ki koze sa a?
     What is this nonsense?

3. Gade yon koze! (or Gade yon tenten! or Gade yon kaka!))
    What the hell!

Koze → situation
4.  Nan ki koze ou foure tèt ou la?
     What situation did you put yourself into?

koze v → to woo, to court
koze ak yon fi → courting a woman
5. Mesye a ap koze ak fi sa lontan.
    The man has been courting this woman for a long time

koze n. → story
6. Mezanmi! m gen yon koze pou m di w.
    Oh man! I got a story to tell you.

koze n. → private business, matter
7. Pa janm antre nan koze m.
    Don't meddle in my affairs.

8. M pa antre nan koze w, pa antre nan koze m.
    I don't meddle in your business, so don't meddle in mine.

9. Regle koze w non!
   Mind your own business!

10. Koze mande chèz.
    You need to sit down for this.

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  1. Wow! What a powerful word!!

    1. Yeah... It's versatile like the English word "STUFF".

  2. Hey,
    I was just wondering i'm a 17 year old girl. I am haitian myself but i forgot how to speak the language when i moved away from the haitian side of my family. I remember some words and phrases but i really wanna relearn the language and i can't find any good videos and i heard you had them but i can't find your's either .. Can you help me?

    1. You can find some video on my youtube channel by clicking on the links AUDIO/VIDEO RESOURCES on the left side of the screen. I also have a lot of audio materials too. But perhaps it's a good idea to start with local Creole class so that you may have to support of an instructor and other classmates to practice with.

      Keep it up.

  3. Hello I know I'm a little late on this page but I wanted to know the meaning of the word "woo". From the context I always here it in it sounds like a spell or magic but I want to clarify before i go and say it in public. Please and thank you !