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Friday, April 12, 2013

Kouman ou di 'inside out' epi 'upside down'?

1. inside out → nanvè oubyen lanvè
    Chemiz li a te gen kèk betiz  ekri sou li, donk direktè fè li mete chemiz la nanvè.
    His shirt had some profanities written on it, so the principal made him wear the shirt inside out.

2. upside down → tètanba, tèt anba
    Monn nan tètanba.
    The world is upside down.

3. shoe on the wrong foot → soulye dwategoch (dwat-e-goch)
    Pitit gason mwen gen dezan.  Li toujou ap mete soulye li dwategoch.
    My son is two years old.  He's alway wearing his shoes on the wrong foot.

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  1. Can you use 'dwategouch' to say 'we got off on the wrong foot'?

    1. No. To start on the wrong foot is another expression.
      To start on the wrong foot.
      mal koumanse
      koumanse sou move pant (to start on the wrong course)

      We started on the wrong foot.
      Nou te mal koumanse.