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Saturday, April 13, 2013

A dual ? A bit of culture and / language? What type(s) of humor are funny to haitian people? Is there a type of humor that is offensive or unappreciated in the culture? I tried to say something funny today, it didnt work! Thus the curiosity. Kijan ou di laugh? Funny? Humor? Silly? Etc. kidding? Joke with? Or joke around?

Sorry to hear that.
They might not have understood the joke.  It might have gotten lost in translation.
If you ever read about Bouki and Ti Malis, if you've ever watched Languichatte, Lavi nan Bouk La, or listened to Tonton Bicha, you'll know that Haitians are into all types of comedy, especially silly and goofballs stuff.
You must know that just because some jokes are funny in English doesn't mean it will be funny in Creole and vice versa (but that only happens to just a handful of jokes)
Also, some jokes, you might have to tweak a little to give it that "Haitian flavor" :)

And as far being offensive, I think in any culture, if people feel that they are the target of the joke, they might not appreciate it.

I'd like to hear the joke that you told.

dual → doub
a bit of culture and language → Yon ti kras kilti, yon ti kras langaj?
laugh → ri, griyen dan
to enjoy one's self → pran plezi, anmize, distrè (they pronominal verbs)
funny, silly → komik, anmizan
humor → komedi
jokes → blag, lodyans
tell jokes → bay blag, bay lodyans
to be kidding, to joke with, to joke around → jwe, sou jwèt, sou blag

He's always joking around.
Li toujou sou blag.
Li toujou sou jwèt.

I am just kidding.
Se sou jwèt mwen ye.
Se sou blag mwen ye.
Se jwe m'ap jwe.

We're telling jokes.
N'ap bay blag.
N'ap bay lodyans.

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