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Monday, April 8, 2013

menm si mwen ta gen madichon deye mwen, mwen pap kapab pale ak moun nenpot ki jan

madichon n. → curse

gen madichon dèyè w (lit. to have a curse behind you)
to have a death wish
to be cursed
to be self-destructive
to be very daring
to show impudence
to have a lot of nerve

Menm si   |  mwen ta     | gen madichon dèyè mwen,
Even if       |   I would       | have a death wish,

 mwen |  p'ap kapab       | pale ak moun         |  nenpòt ki jan
I           |  will not be able   | to talk with people    |  in anyway

Menm si mwen ta gen madichon dèyè mwen, mwen p'ap kapab pale ak moun  nenpòt ki jan
Even if I was cursed, I would not dare talk to people anyway I please.

This is how I see this sentence:
Even if I was cursed, I would not show such effrontery when talking to people.

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  1. Replies
    1. I know you like it straight. But this one has a couple ways you can say it:)

      They have placed a curse on me.
      Yo ban'm madichon!
      Yo lage madichon sou mwen!
      Yo voye madichon sou mwen!