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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mesi anpil pou ede no pou aprann creol¡¡¡Mwe se chilen .Mwen bezwen konnen koman itilise mo "alo".mwen koute anpil ayisien komanse pale ave aló. Me si Soledad

Dakò. Padekwa :)

alò is Haitian Creole for then, thus or so in English and entonces in Spanish.
for example:
1. Alò di mwen, eske ou prale avèk nou?
    So tell me, are you going with us?

2. M'ap pati demen.  Alò se orevwa mwen vin di w.
    I'm leaving tomorrow.  So I've come to say goodbye.

3.  Alò, sa k'ap pase w la? Eske genyen yon pwoblèm?
     So, what's going on with you? Do you have a problem?

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  1. Is 'alò' the only word used in this context? Are there other synonymous words?

    1. No,we can also use DONK, KIFÈLA, KIFÈ, etc...