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Friday, April 5, 2013

Question: Hi. My son was given what looks like Haitian money as a gift. It says across the top and bottom of the bills front ' Pwevwa Pwosperite'. Also on the front is the phrase ' Espesyal Lajan Seremoni Vag Vas Nan Riches'. There is a serial number an the amount of the note is 5000. On the front is also a picture of a young attractive female right below another text that says 'C42'. The same phrases are one the back along with a signature of Arturo Jimenez listing him as 'Trezorye Leta - 2002'. Any thoughts as to if this is actual currency and if not what it is? Thanks.

It does not sound real to me.  Haitian money denomination comes in 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 gourdes.  The 10.00 gourdes has a image of Katherine Flon sewing the Haitian flag.  That's the only woman that I know of that's pictured on a Haitian bill.

I have asked around about that term "Seremoni Vag Vas Nan Richès", and it is not at all familiar with people I've asked (one of them a Haitian government worker).
When I first read about this I thought it sounded like a novelty items from a "good-fortune", "good-luck charm", or "luck" commemorative fair or ceremony.  But now I'm not too sure.
If you do find out what it is exactly, please let me know.  And If do find something, I'll update this post.

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  1. You forgot the 1000-goude notes, too! W bliye mensyone billet mil goude tou, pa vre?

    1. Yes, Thanks for reminding me.
      There's a 1000-gourde note with Pres. Hypolite image I believe. I believe they started recently printing these large bills six or seven years ago.

  2. Se nef yo ye konsa? M pa't konnen. M'ap aprann anpil gras a w memn. Mesi!

    1. Biyè yo? Wi, se dis. Mwen te bliye 1000 goud Ayisyen an.

      Kenbe la.

  3. I just found one just like it, If you find out anything else about it please post. Could it be from somewhere else and not Haitian money? My husband thought maybe Italian?

  4. Did you ever find out anything about this?

  5. Did you ever find out anything about this?