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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This makes no sense to me 'piti piti plen kay' meaning 'limyè'. Poukisa se limyè?

Wi, piti piti plen kay te ka nenpòt bagay, men depi lè m te ti kakat, m'ap tire kont - se repons sa a yo toujou bay.  Tout jenerasyon Ayisyen ki te vin anvan m yo, se repons sa a ki te sifizan pou yo.
Pou mwen menm, li vle di limyè piti, se vre, men li kapab ranpli yon gwo kay.

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  1. I am not clear. I am so sorry. :(
    Can you explain what exactly does the phrase mean?

    1. When kids and grown-ups get together at night to tell tales, part of this pastime is also to give the kids a few riddles. If they know the answer they yell it out. If not, then they say "Mwen bwè pwa", and a grown-up will give them the answer.

      One of the riddles that I've known since ...forever :) and I know my grandma has known it all her life too, is "Piti piti plen kay". If anyone does throw that riddle out to us, group of kids, we always know that the answer is "limyè!".

      Any kid that grew in Haiti's countryside where most of the times there's no electricity or TV knows that nighttime is for telling tales and riddles :)

      Before each riddle is given, the person who wants to give the riddle will yell:
      and if we're ready for to hear it, we'd yell:

      also, they may yell:
      "Tim Tim?!"
      and we'll yell:
      "Bwa sèch!"
      a so it goes.

  2. I finally get it! 'I'm very small but I fill a house. What am I?' A light!

    Got it! Lol! :)