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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Jouvajouvyen (jou-va-jou-vyen, lit. day-go-day-come) → the day will come, my day will come

1. Jou va jou vyen, se va tou pa'm tou.
    The day will come, it'll also be my turn.

2. Jou va jou vyen, m'ava gen machin pa'm tou. Lè sa a m p'ap bezwen mande woulib ankò.
    The day will come, I'll have my own car too.  Then I will not need to ask for rides anymore.

3. Jou va jou vyen, m'a vin wa.  Mwen va fè yo peye tout mechanste yo lè sa a.
    The day will come, I will become king.  I'll make them pay for all their wickedness at that time.

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