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Friday, May 3, 2013

Èske w ta tradwi pawòl epi fraz sa yo pou mwen? ....

For #2, #3, #5, #7, we would have to look at the whole sentence or context in order translate it accurately.

1. Zen translates both a fish hook and gossip /  word of mouth / scandal / rumor mill.

   You can say:
Li te lage zen an nan lanmè a pou l te peche pwason
He dropped the  fishhook into the ocean so he can fish.
Pa lage m nan zen.
Don't get me entangled in gossip.

2. "Ayisyen k ap tòdye men yon tè kòkòtò"
     tòdye translates to wring
     kòkòtò (or peng, or chichadò) → tightwad,  a scrooge, skimpy

     "Ayisyen []  k'ap       [] tòdye       [] men     [] yon tè kòkòtò"
     "Haitians  [] who are [] wring      [] hands   [] a skimpy earth
     "Haitians who are wringing the hands of a barren land.

3. Ki konn malveyan translates "....who is/are usually insolent" , "who are used to doing vile things"
    This may be part of a bigger sentence.  Translating just these three words will not give you an accurate translation:

4. Boukannen → to roast, to grill

5. To be nan samba → (tonbe nan sanba?)
     Sanba (musician, song writer, lyrics writer)

6. Konpòz (konpozè?) → composer

7. "Medam fi yo pran pou grad yo"
     gradclassification, pwomotion
    The women were siding with their ....grad...?
     The women were vouching for their promotion....

8. Alapapòt → (at the threshold of the door), beginning, prologue, from the get go

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