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Friday, May 3, 2013

Tanpri souple tradwi pawòl epi fraz sa yo tou.....

Tanpri souple tradwi pawòl epi fraz sa yo tou......

1. A fokòl (fokòl is literally fake necktie, fake cravat)
    moun ak fokòlbasically people that wear business suits just for show

2. Charabya yanmyanm kakachat (literally yikkety yak, yum yum, cat poop)
    That stands for babbling, trivial talk, nonsense talk

3. Ozanj (from French Aux anges "to the angels) → very happy, elated

4. Rekèy → a book (like a book of songs, a book of poems), a periodical

5. Kisa vle di 'mete fè' nan fraz sa a: Lide sa a te pouse m pran desizyon pou
mwen mete fè.
     Here "mete fè" means to work harder, persevere, to keep at it, to persist

"Lide sa a te pouse m pran desizyon pou mwen mete fè."
"This idea gave me the incentive to wok harder."
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