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Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm trying to find a good program to help me learn Haitian Creole. I don't need writing or reading just spoken word... I'm trying out Transparent Language right now, is there any way to make sure they have accurate tranlations?

Since you're ready learning the language, why not also learn the way to write and read it; then you can read all the beautifully diverse materials in Haitian Creole that you can get your hands on.  ... and maybe one day you might write some of your own too.
I am not familiar with the Haitian Creole programs at Transparent Language.  You can check their translations against some language dictionaries and see if they're on the right track.

Kontinye kenbe la tande!

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  1. Transparent Language isn't very good. It's just flash cards and traveler phrases. Their software is okay for vocabulary building if you already know how to structure sentences, but not very good for beginners. is the best "software" out there in my opinion for getting a foundation. Finish it with perfect scores then come back here to really learn!

    1. Thanks Shane :)
      This is useful information.

      Kenbe la zanmi.

  2. I've mentioned this previously: Pimsleur has CDs and is an auditory program. I think you develop the best accent if you spend some time FIRST on auditory lessons. Do those for a couple months at least, then add your reading and writing - but CONTINUE with some form of audio work. This site is great for that, as it has audio lessons plus the vocabulary building and everyday phrases you need to express yourself and to understand others.