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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ki jan ou ta tradui an Kreyòl fraz sa yo: 1. An ear of corn 2. The bird was singing and chirping until its heart content. 3. Dying of hunger Epi tou ki sa vle di de mo sa yo: 1. efrayik 2. aleya Mèsi

1. An ear of corn
yon zepi mayi

2. The bird was singing and chirping until its heart content.
Zwazo a t'ap chante kont chante l.

3. Dying of hunger
mouri grangou

Epi tou ki sa vle di de mo sa yo:
1. efrayik

2. aleya lavi a
hazard / perils /risks of life

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  1. Men fraz ki gen mo 'aleya' landan li: 'Ansanm, nou deside « yon gran nason dwe okipe l moun ki pi frajil nan sosyete a e pwoteje sitwayen l yo kont pi move danje ak aleya lavi a'.

    1. Oh I see...., aleya lavi a means the hazards or risks of life

      Thanks :)

  2. Is there a particular grammar construction that is giving #2 it meaning. 'Kont' between two verbs followed by the subject pronoun means 'til one's hearts content'?

    1. kont, here, means enough, plenty, as much as one could
      In that construction, it can be between two verbs or between a verb and a pronoun.

      For example, I can say:
      Mwen danse kont danse m.
      Mwen danse kont mwen.
      I danced enough.
      I danced all I could.
      I danced all I could dance.
      I danced to my heat's content.

      Let me know if that helped.

      In the following POST, in #6, you'll find more examples of the usage for KONT when it means "as much as one could" or "to one's heart content".
      Usage of word KONT