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Monday, May 13, 2013

what does it mean to fe enteresant and to be enteresant, please give a lot of examples


Fè enteresant (enteresant, here, is different from the Creole enteresan which means interesting, fun)

Fè enteresant → to show off, to parade, to attract attention

1.  Fanm nan mete yon bèl rad,  enpi li tonbe fè enteresant pou tout moun ka wè l.
     The woman wore a beautiful dress, and she started strutting her stuff so that everyone would see her.

2. Poukisa w'ap fè tout enteresant sa yo?
    Why all this capriciousness?

3. Fanm sa sanble toujou damou ak mari l, paske depi li wè mari l li pran fè enteresant.
    This woman must still be in love with her ex-husband because whenever she sees him she acts capriciously.

4. Pa okipe l, enteresant ki nan kò'l.
    Don't mind her, she's just showing off.

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