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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kijan Wikenn Ou te Pase? (Audio)

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Good morning Roni, how was your weekend?

Bonjou Sonya.  Wikenn mwen te anfòm nèt!
Good morning Sonya.  My weekend was wonderful!

Ah wi?  Kisa ou te fè?
Oh yes?  What did you do?

Vandredi swa, mwen te desann Jakmèl avèk kèk zanmi. Nou t’al tande gwoup Tabou Combo ki t’ap jwe yon konsè anplennè bò lanmè a.
Friday night, I went down to Jacmel with some friends.  We went to hear the group Tabou Combo play an outdoor concert by the ocean.

Oh mwen renmen Tabou.  Yo jwe bèl mizik. 
Oh, I love Tabou.  They play great music.

Ah wi, yo te kreye bon ti anbyans.  Nou te danse kont danse nou.
Yes, they created a beautiful ambiance.  We danced to our heart's content.

E samdi, kisa w te fè?
How about on Saturday, what did you do?

Samdi, nou te ale naje nan lanmè Jakmèl la.  Nou te pase tout jounen an nan yon bato sou dlo a.
On Saturday, we went to swim in the ocean of Jacmel.  We spent the whole day on a boat in the water.

Ki fè la a, ou te tounen lakay ou dimanch?
So, you returned home on Sunday?

Dimanch maten, byen bonè, nou t’al peche pwason anvan nou te pran wout pou n tounen lakay. Se te yon bon wikenn. Nou te anmize nou tèt kaleE ou menm, kijan wikenn ou te pase?
On Sunday morning, really early, we went fishing before we headed back home.  It was a nice weekend.  We totally enjoyed ourselves!  How about you, how was your weekend?

Wikenn mwen pa’t ni byen ni mal. Sè mwen, ki abite lwen mwen, te vin pase de jou avè’m.  Men malerezman, li te fè yon endijesyon.  E mwen te pase tout wikenn nan ap pran swen li.
My weekend was neither good nor bad.  My sister, who lives far from me, came to spend two days with me.  But unfortunately, she had indigestion.  And I spent the whole weekend caring for her.

Oh ala degoutan!
Oh, how awful!

Non, pa vrèman. Nou te pwofite moman an pou fè ti koze , e reviv tan lontan. Tout plan nou te gate, men sa pa’t deranje nou twòp.
No, not really.  We took the opportunity to chat and reminisce about old times.  Our plans were crushed, but we didn't mind it too much.

Eske sè w la fè mye?
Is your sister better?

Wi, li miyò kounye a.  Mèsi.  M’ap planifye ale vizite li wikenn pwochen.
Yes, she's better now. Thanks. I plan to go visit her next weekend.

M’espere pwochen wikenn ou va pase pi byen.
I hope your next weekend will go much better.

Mèsi. Mwen menm tou.
Thanks.  Me too.

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  1. Oh, Mandaly,
    It's fun to hear the little music at the end of your recorded dialogs.
    It's a reward for studying!
    These dialogs are the best way to pick up vocabulary and grammar.
    So far, my favorite one is: Buying a Car/Achte yon Machin.
    But I will have to listen to all the others before I cast my vote.

    1. Dakò :)
      Mèsi Dory.

      Kontinye pale Kreyòl.

  2. Why the order change for "wikenn" and "pwochen" in the last two lines?

    1. "pwochen" can be found before or after the noun.
      Some people say "pwochen fwa", and others say lafwa pwochen for "next time". and other examples:

      M'ap vin wè'w mwa pwochen
      M'ap vin wè'w nan pwochen mwa a


      M'a wè w ane pwochen.
      M'a wè nan pwochen ane k'ap vini an.

      We tend to use it both ways.