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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Madanm, 200 is "desan". Is 201 "desanteyen"? Is 202 "desannde"? Also, is 218 "desanndizuit"? Am I on the right track with these? And how do you spell 600, 700, 800 and 900? Is the final "s" in (6)00 and (8)00 written and pronounced? Mesi anpil Mandaly.

200 is desan
201 is desan en ("en" is spelled detached from "desan", pronouced de-san-en)
202 is desande
206 is desansis
218 is desandizuit

by the same token:
300 → twasan
301 → twasan en
302 → twasande
306 → twasansis

601 → sisan en
602 → sisande
606 → sisansis

600 is sisan (pronounced si-san)
700 is sètsan (pronouced sèt-san)
800 is uisan (pronouced ui-san)
900 is nèfsan (pronouced nèf-san)

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  1. Mandaly,

    Should not 700 "setsan" always have an grave
    accent over the "e", as well as all the seven hundreds? I am not able at this time to put proper accents on words in this forum. Anyway,
    the 700 at the top part of this page does not have the grave accent on the "e". Mesi.

    1. Yes, there should be an accent on the "e" in "sètsan". I corrected it.
      Thank you so much.

    2. Mandaly,

      On the Pimsleur Haitian Creole course, the female speaker says "sayte" for sete, while the male speaker
      says sete (with accent marks). Is this perhaps two
      different ways to say 7 o'clock in HC? I know that I am probably confusing you without accent marks.
      Mesi anpil.

    3. Nope. You're not confusing me :)

      The correct way to say 7 o'clock in Haitian Creole is "setè".
      There might be an alternate spelling of "sèt è",
      But "say-te" seems, to me, like a pronunciation guide for "setè".

      I have not come across the "sayte" spelling.