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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lanmou fe m pedi larezon

Lanmou fè'w pèdi larezon?
Se pa sa sèlman l'ap fè w pèdi non?
Si w pa pran tèt ou, l'ap fè w pèdi ni sak ni krab.*
Avanse ak tèt klè ....tanpri.  Bòn chans.

*pedi ni sak ni krab - lose  both the sack and the crab, literally

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  1. Ni sak ni krab...what do you mean by this?

    1. Pèdi ni sak ni krab....(expression)
      not only you lose the crab that was in the sack, but you also lose the sack :)
      Meaning: You are left with nothing.

  2. Lanmou fè'w pèdi larezon?

    Love is making you lose your reason? [Love is making you irrational?]

    Se pa sa sèlman l'ap fè w pèdi non?

    That isn't the only thing it's making you lose then, right?

    Si w pa pran tèt ou, l'ap fè w pèdi ni sak ni krab.

    If you can't keep your head, it's making you lose [either your sack or your crab]. (Expression, I'm guessing. :))

    Avanse ak tèt klè ....tanpri. Bòn chans.

    Please go forward with a clear head! Good luck!

    1. Yeah :) you got it right.

      pèdi ni sak ni krab
      to lose it all
      to be left with nothing

      Pran tèt ou.
      Be more vigilant / perceptive/ on the ball