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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Silvouple Mandaly can you help me tanpri souple, my boyfriend is fluent in English, Kreyol, Francais, and Spanish and I need your help to help me learn french but I'm not very good at it,I can spreak creole but when it comes to french sa vreman difisil pou mwen, eskew ka edem aprann franse?

You're not VERY good at French?  So you speak it a little?
There are tons and tons of materials and resources for learning the French language:  locally, in community colleges, on TV programs, in books borrowed at the library, online, youtube, etc.....
Start at your local library.  Get a book with audio tapes, and invite your boyfriend to help you practice from time to time.  If your boyfriend doesn't want to share his knowledge with you, then you can try a group class....that's always so much fun.... You learn a lot about language and culture this way.

If I taught you all the French I know, that'll only take you 1/10th of the way.

Kontinye aprann
M'espera chemen ou va pran an va mennen w lwen :)

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  1. mesi anpil, men lem te diw ke mwen pale franse tres byen mwen te vle diw ke mwen pa konprann ni pale li dutou

    1. Mwen konprann. Mwen pale Franse men mwen pa kapab anseye li. Se Kreyòl ki lan pa'm.
      M'espere ou va jwenn yon opòtinite aprann ni jan ou ta vle l la :)