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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tanpri tradui fraz sa a pou mwen: 'l'a kraze brize jouk li fese kò a atè mò rèd'.

"l'a kraze brize jouk li fese kò a atè mò rèd'. 
"He/She/it will cause damage until he/she/it knocks the body to the ground dead."  

fese (or bay yon fese) atè → to beat up, to spank, to throw to the ground, to conquer

Mwen fese l atè.
I knocked him to the ground.

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  1. Ki sa vle di 'rèd' nan fraz sa a?

    1. "rèd" means stiff, tough, not pliable, hard, firm, inflexible, ...

      "mò" is a "dead person"
      "mò rèd" literally means a "stiff dead body"

      So, in this sentence, it means either a STIFF dead body or a COLD dead body.

      FYI: Other uses for the Haitian Creole word "RÈD":

      "rèd" is also used in the expressions:

      kò rèd (literally stiff body) → someone who's uptight.
      For example, we can say:
      Fanm sa a se yon kò rèd
      This woman is uptight.

      We can also say:
      rèd kou ke makak which means as stiff as a monkey's tail

      or we can also say:
      Nou la pi rèd.
      We are there tougher (literally)
      which can mean
      We're hanging in there stronger than ever.

      We can say:
      Travay sa a rèd. Fò w gen grenn pou w fè li.
      This job is tough. You must have balls to do it.
      This job is tough. You must be brave to do it.