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Friday, May 17, 2013

What's the difference between vole, voltije and sote?

vole → to fly
vòltije → to leap, to bounce, to fly away
sote → to skip, to jump over, to hop

sote also mean to skip as in:
You may skip one day when taking your meds
Ou mèt sote yon jou lè w'ap pran medikaman ou.

sote also means to be startled or spooked as in:
You startled me.  
Ou fè m sote.


I was startled when I saw the snake.
Mwen te sote lè m te wè koulèv la.

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  1. My kids and their friends use vole for jumping into the pool as well.

    1. Yes. They surely can use "vole" also.

      Sometimes you'll hear people say "vole wo" which is to jump high.

      And also we use the words, sote, vole, ponpe together sometimes.