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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Assigning Shortcuts for accented letters - Useful when creating the Haitian Creole aksan grav or aksan fòs in è, ò, à, Ò, È

This post sent and written by Shon Ejai.  Thanks

  1.     Open Microsoft Word
  2.     Click the Insert Tab
  3.     Click Symbol (in Word 2010 this is on the far right) 
  4.     Click More Symbols (at bottom of dialogue box).
  5.     Find è and click on it only once to highlight it.
  6.     Click Shortcut Key... (at the bottom of dialogue box). This will bring up a new dialogue box.
  7.     You can now assign new keys. Press and hold CTRL. While holding CTRL first press ` (above tab) and then press e in that order. Release CTRL. You should see Ctrl+`,E in the “Press new shortcut key:” dialogue box.
  8.     Click Assign (bottom left of dialogue box).
  9.     Click Close (bottom left of dialogue box).
  10.  Close the Symbol dialogue box.
  11.  Now test your new assignment of keys.
  12.  Press and hold CTRL, while holding CTRL first press ` and then press e.    Letter è should come up.
Congratulation you have just created a shortcut for è. You can repeat this with any letter you like.

Note: to make capital letters add the Shift key in the command. For example to create the shortcut for È, step #7 will look like this:

7. Press and hold CRTL, while holding CTRL, press Shift then ` then e. The command will look like this Ctrl+~,Shift+E in the “Press new shortcut key:” dialogue box.

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