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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Should I add "PA" when using "PIGA" - PIGA PA FE SA??

That would be a double negative.
If you just mean do say "don't do this" or "You better not do that", then there's no need for "pa".  "Pinga" is the negative auxillary.

1. Pinga w fè sa.
    Don't do that.

2. Pinga w pran wout sa.
    Do not take this road.

3. Pinga w bliye m.
    Don't you forget me.

But when you add "pa", you do not have  a negative sentence anymore.

4. Pinga w pa fè sa.
    Don't you not do it

5. Pinga w pa sonje salye moun yo non.
    You better remember to greet the people.

6.  Pinga l pa ale nan entèvyou a demen non.  Y'ap tann ni.
     He better go to the interview tomorrow.  They're waiting for him.
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