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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Could you please explain ADEKE and use in a sentence?

Do you mean "adekè"?

adekè (lit. with two hearts) - with hesitation, with reluctance
It's used to indicate that you're rendering a service, or you're giving something away; but you're doing it without eagerness or willingness.

1. Si w'ap ede m ak de kè, pito w pa ede m ditou.
    If you're helping out and you have regret about it, it's better that you don't help me at all.

2. Nou bay mandyan an kòb la adekè paske nou pa konnen si se manje oubyen dwòg li pral achte avè l.
    We gave the beggar the money with reluctance because we don't know whether he's going to use it for food or drugs.

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